San Francisco | Date Night At Woodhouse Fish


Date Night:   May 15, 2013 @ 3:45 PM

The window seatings at Woodhouse Fish Company are the best spots for people-watching. It is a great space to catch a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the vivacious Fillmore neighborhood on a lovely warm Saturday.

Woodhouse Fish is small and narrow but the nautical decor is cute and cozy. During busy hours, do not  expect intimate dining. Faux-fish “statues” including a monstrous octopus and a fleet of ships line up blue walls. Woodhouse Fish epitomizes SF’s casual dining scene.

Mumm Napa $9: Filled to the brim! (Thank you!) I have to have a bubbly whenever I dine on seafood. Mumm is too dry for me but I still enjoyed it.

Generously-filled crab meat served in a sundae glass padded by a generous amount of shredded lettuce. We are thankful that we did not have to do the strenuous job of shelling the crab. The crab meat was cold, fresh and sweet! Slightly drizzled with cocktail sauce that did not overpower the meat. Really good!

6 OYSTERS: Priced at $2-$3 each
Did I not mention that the service was slow? My Carnivore decided to order oysters to fill the gap between the app and the entree. We had 2 each of the Kumamoto $3, Blue Point $2 and another kind. The Kumamotos were sweet and creamy as expected while I really liked Blue Points the most.

Split, Grilled & Stuffed with Dungeness Crab And Bay Shrimp
My Carnivore’s order but I tasted a little bit as well. The artichoke was perfectly grilled with tender leaves. The leaves were also seasoned with herbs and salt. Very tasty. One half artichoke had bay shrimp while the other half was stuffed with crab meat which were both generously provided.

Ooh-la-lah! Yummy sandwich PACKED with lobster meat. The bread was nicely toasted and buttered. The lobster was not the sweetest I’ve had but flavorful enough. Even the fries were perfectly crispy. I made a good decision to order just half instead of full ($26) since half got me pretty full.

TOTAL: $90 including tip and soda

Woodhouse is  spendy but still the best value on seafood meal in SF. The oysters were cheaper than Hog Island’s. (Hey, those 50 cents add up!). Portions are generous and the seafood are fresh.

*No reservations and can get really packed during dinner. Best to come in between hours.

Date Night Journal:
After dinner at Woodhouse Fish, my Carnivore and I went of snack-shopping spree.
-Cookies at Fillmore Bakeshop
-Ice Cream Crepe at Sophie’s
-Browsed at Konokuniya Bookstore
-Mochis and onigiris at Kissako Tea
-IronMan3 at Sundance at 7pm!

*All of these are located in the Fillmore/Japantown neighbhorhoods.

A super-fun date night!

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